As a craftsperson, a head teacher, a business manager or the owner of a company, you know the goods or services you provide are excellent. But are you also an expert in writing copy that will bring in business; copy that reflects your values and ethos, and talks directly to your target market?

Research shows potential customers may turn away when they spot an error. That may be just one person, of course – but consider for a moment the way your satisfied clients talk about you to their friends, their colleagues, their family... Nothing works better than great word of mouth – but if you don’t even get that far, that’s a whole heap of people you’re not reaching.

Let me help you feel completely relaxed about the words in your website, your prospectus, your menus… I can take the stress out of editing and proofreading because I’ve got the expertise to nail it – just as you have the expertise to do what you do.

Contact me to talk about how to make your copy truly reflect who you are.